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Winner of Danish Beauty Award 2021

Guéri SKIN SCIENCE “EYES PROCEDURE KIT” was awarded “2021 Niche Award” of the year by DANISH BEAUTY AWARDS. Read more here!

Karina Thomsen

Guéri derives from the French term for healing. Quite befitting as the idea to create Guéri SKIN SCIENCE came with my own need for corrective eyelid surgery. I had considered the procedure for some years but found myself with lots of unanswered questions. Which clinic should I go to? How could I ensure that my skin would heal nicely? Was there a way to avoid scaring?
Ultimately, what I needed, was the opportunity to influence my own result. And somehow, there was no specialized skincare that would help me achieve this.

As a trained pharmacologist with 25 years of experience from the medical industry - 12 of those within dermatological specialties - I already had extensive knowledge about the skin.
So, I simply decided to take matters into my own hands. In collaboration with a leading Danish laboratory, we set out to develop targeted skincare that primes the skin for surgery and supports the all-important healing process.

In 2020, following an intensive development process, we released Guéri’s first two products: 01 PREPARE and 02 RENEW. A complete 2-in-1 solution for anyone looking to optimize the result of their eyelid surgery. The products have a high content of active plant-based ingredients carefully selected and tested for their efficacy and safety.

Since our initial launch, we have continued to develop new products. And true to our original ambition, they each target specific dermatological challenges that deserve more than standardized skincare.

If you find yourself with unanswered questions - like I once did - know that we are just an email away. Write us at info@gueri.dk. We will respond to your message as soon as we can.

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