Guéri is French and means healing. The idea to create Guéri Skin Science began with my own need for eyelid surgery. I had been considering the procedure for several years, but I was also nervous. Who was going to operate on me? Would the skin be nice afterwards? Could I avoid ugly scars?
I missed the opportunity to be able to contribute to optimizing the result myself. And I searched in vain for skin care products that could help me.

With a background as a pharmacist and 25 years' experience from the pharmaceutical industry - including the last 12 years within dermatological specialties - I have extensive knowledge of the skin's structure, function, regeneration and ageing.
That's why I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a collaboration with a Danish laboratory on a specialized skin care series, which both gives the surgeon optimal skin to work with and subsequently supports the skin's own healing process.

In 2020, on top of an intensive development process in the laboratory at Mols, we launched Guéri's first two products, EYES 01 PREPARE and EYES 02 RENEW. A complete 2-in-1 effort for you who are faced with eyelid surgery and want to contribute to optimizing the result yourself. The products have a high content of active plant-based ingredients, which are of course thoroughly tested for optimal effect and safety.

Since then, we have developed even more skin care products. And just like the first, they each target specific dermatological challenges where standardized skin care is simply not enough.

Guéri Skin Science is for you. So if you have any questions about our products, you are always welcome to contact us by sending an email to . We will respond as quickly as we can.