EYES Procedure Kit

Mette, 36 years old

In connection with surgery on my upper eyelids, an acquaintance recommended the Guéri EYES Procedure Kit to me. I started using the EYES 01 PREPARE gel before the operation, both morning and evening. The first few days after the operation, I used the EYES Cooling Mask, once an hour, for approx. 10 minutes. I was very slightly swollen after the operation and I feel that the use of the mask helped to keep the swelling down.
7 days after the operation, when the scars were still reddish, I started using the EYES 02 RENEW serum both morning and evening. The cream is delicious to apply and, most importantly, it neither stings nor bothers the scars. I feel that the cream has kept the area around the scars moist 24/7, which has contributed to a nice healing. Over a period of a few weeks, the scars went from being red and "thick" to fading into my skin color and becoming almost invisible.
Having an operation that is visible on your face is super borderline, as the risk of getting ugly scars is present. I feel that this kit from Guéri has helped create the absolute best conditions for my scars to be almost non-existent today.

EYES 01 PREPARE Advanced Softening Gel

Sia, 40 years old

I am so happy to use the eye cream!

It is to date the absolute best eye cream / serum I have used.
My skin around my eyes is still moist when I wake up in the morning after applying it at night. It's pure well-being.

Thank you for launching this wonderful product. 💗🙏🏻


Cissy 71 years

"I was operated on for Basal Cell Carcinoma at Glostrup Hospital. It's a cancerous nodule that, in my case, looked like a grain of barley. They removed 6mm of my lower eyelid and stitched 2cm down the cheek. I used EYES 01 PREPARE & EYES 02 RENEW before and after surgery as described (4 weeks before/4 weeks after). I think the result speaks for itself!”

EYES Procedure Kit

Kamilla, 41 years old

You have hit the spot with your delicious products! I have been using EYES O1 PREPARE morning and night from 4 weeks before surgery and EYES 02 RENEW from day 8 after surgery and still use it. I use EYES 01 PREPARE under the eyes; there is clearly a softening and thus smoothing effect. The picture was taken 7 days after upper eyelid surgery and on the 14th day after the surgery - that is, after 7 days of using EYE 02 RENEW - the scars are already almost invisible. I am already looking forward to trying your EYES ILLUMINATE.

EYES Procedure Kit

Ulrika, 52 years old

Guéri's products gave me great reassurance in connection with my eyelid surgery. The fact that I myself could contribute to get the best result from my operation. The products are wonderful and softening and the after-product is wonderfully cooling. In addition, it was very reassuring to have the cooling mask ready for use immediately after the operation. I used it extensively the first few days after.

EYES 02 RENEW Active Regenerating Serum

Eva, 49 years old

After an operation on the bridge of my nose, my skin had become hard and thick around the scar. My doctor assessed that a new operation was required for the scar to look nice, and I was given a new time for the operation.
Meanwhile, I was introduced to EYES 01 RENEW and I started applying it to the scar every day. After a month, the skin had become as soft as butter, and I could avoid another operation.

EYES 02 RENEW Active Regenerating Serum

Randi 58 years

"After many years of cold sores on and around the lips, my lower lip in particular felt like a patchwork of skin in multiple and overlapping layers. The skin on the lip would not heal properly despite the fact that I have tried many different products for both healing and moisture. I therefore didn't have high expectations when I tried 02 RENEW ACTIVR REGENERATING SERUM from Guéri SKIN SCIENCE on the recommendation of a friend. Fortunately, it turned out to be different – ​​the result is so far beyond my expectation, my lip is healed from the inside and I now have smooth skin on the whole lip”

EYES 01 PERPARE Advanced Softening Gel

Kamilla, 41 years old

I had a Fraxel laser treatment immediately after I had started "01 EYES PREPARE". The healing of the eye area after Fraxel was significantly faster than with the other quality products (bought at a skin care clinic) that I usually use.

EYES 02 RENEW Active Regenerating Serum

Gitte, 51 years old

I had many small sores on my nose and was worried about getting ugly scars. I smeared with Guéri RENEW every morning and evening for a little week, and the bridge of my nose is now so nicely healed and scar-free. Would definitely recommend Guéri RENEW for all kinds of small wounds and scars - if it needs to heal optimally.

HANDS CLEAN Deeply Moisturizing Antibacterial Gel

Annette, 32 years old

Finally, a hand sanitiser that doesn't dry out my hands. I tried Guéris HANDS CLEAN and it is now both in my car, at the office and at home. It leaves my hands soft and clean, and it has a wonderful, fresh scent of bergamot.

EYES 02 RENEW Active Regenerating Serum

Katrine, 42 years old

I got a nasty burn on my arm after burning myself on the stove - I tried Guéri RENEW every morning and night until it was completely healed. And luckily, my skin became so good that I can't even see where I burned myself.

EYES 01 PREPARE Advanced Softening Gel

Female, 53 years old

Hi Karina. I just want to tell you that I am simply so happy with my eye cream (EYES 01 PREPARE). I use it every day before I go to bed and in the morning under my day cream. It moisturizes my skin so well that the skin irritations and eczema that I usually get in the winter have not come at all this year. Only if one day I should forget to use it, I can clearly see my skin again becoming red and irritated and peeling in some places. I use it both as an eye cream, but also around my nose and mouth. Really feel I have found a cream with magic. Thank you very much for it.

EYES 02 RENEW Active Regenerating Serum EYES 02 RENEW Active Regenerating Serum

Lone, 52 years old

I had cryo treatment for sun damage on my forehead which subsequently formed ulcers. Then used EYES 02 RENEW on the wound every day 4-5 times a day until it was completely healed. Really happy with the result. No scars or bumps at all.