Moisturizing liquid hand wash and body wash with Aloe Vera. Both infused with refreshing bergamot and citrus oil
500ml + 500ml
The set consists of Guéri's caring hand and body soaps with Aloe Vera. Guéri HANDS CLEAN Gentle Nourishing Hand Wash is a liquid hand soap that leaves the hands extra fresh, soft and with a light scent of bergamot. Suitable for all skin types. Guéri BODY CLEAN Gentle Nourishing Body Wash is a caring, liquid bath soap infused with refreshing bergamot and citrus oil. The soap is suitable for all skin types.
338 DKK
The Key Ingredients
The soaps' nurturing, softening and regenerating properties are due to a high concentration of organic Aloe Vera, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Plus a fresh scent of citrus, which is created through a carefully selected combination of Bergamotte, Limonene and Linalool.

Ingredient List

You will find all information about ingredients on the individual product pages.

Hand soap and bath soap. Both suitable for all skin types.

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